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lash is a contemporary design collective launched in 2013 at Seoul, South Korea. lash explores modern eyewear. styling through unique design details and sophisticated silhouettes under the brand theme of [Modern Uniform].


Modern Uniform

[Modern Uniform] presents a collection with the beauty of clarity and simplicity, balanced to provide a modern, high level of comfort and a look with a unique aesthetic.

DEAN_BK (2) (2).jpg


lash’s vintage edition follows the authenticity and level of completion of original pieces. Taking the reference of 1950s~1960s American vintage eyewear, lash presents the product lineup having the designs which have you think now about something in the past.

JUNIPER C2(2 (1).jpg


lash's refined edition is of excellent quality and has a high degree of wearing comfort. Instead of visually overloading the face, the frames underline the lineaments through their delicate lines.

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